• Nord Star 40 Patrol Boat

    The secret to the Nord Star's success are its hand laminated strong
    construction, its design, offshore capability, walk-around deck and
    superior on-board comfort.

  • Laminating

    All Nord Star boats are hand-laminated by skilled crafters,
    using the best products on the market.

  • Nord Star 37 Patrol Boat

    Modern molding techniques and dedicated personnel make the
    Nord Star boats a strong and stylish boat for demanding customers.

  • Wooden parts

    The wooden parts for the Nord Star engine rooms
    are made at the wood section at Linex-Boat.

  • Nord Star 31 Patrol Boat

    The Nord Star boats are strong and reliable walk-around boats
    with wide-ranging equipment possibilities.

  • Nord Star 40 Patrol Boat

    The cabins are finished separately and then attached to the boat.
    In this picture the attachment of a Nord Star 40 cabin.

  • Nord Star 28 Patrol Boat

    The Nord Star is an extremely seaworthy boat, ideal for both commuting
    and recreation. It is also highly suitable for waterskiing and sport fishing.

  • Inspection

    Parts from suppliers and subcontractors are inspected before
    being transferred to the production line for assembly.

  • Final inspection

    Final inspection is a part of our quality control, which follows the boat
    from the beginning of the production to the end.

  • Final touch

    Before it is delivered to the customer, the boat gets a final touch:
    all wooden parts are oiled and all surfaces are cleaned and polished.